Kerri Lee: Lead vocals, vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, 12 string guitars, electric guitars

Esther Steiner: Operatic vocals

Caitlin French: Violin

Jamie Slocombe: Vocals & rhythm guitar

Blaise MacDonald: Flute

Josh Roydhouse: Kawai 5000 keyboard

Chris Jones: Lead & rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar

Bill McDonald: Bass

Peter Lee: Drums & percussion

Gavin O'Loghlen: Acoustic guitars, 12 string guitars, lead guitar, C, D & A whistles, Ngari Drums, drums, bodhran, fretless bass, Prophet 5, Arp Synth, Juno Synth, Rhodes piano, D50, Hammond B3 organ, mandolin, Wurlitzer, banjo, highland pipes, military snares, piano

Tracks 1 2 4 6 7 9 10 & 11 recorded at Locrian Records, Lenswood, SA April - June 2004
Produced by Kerri Lee and Gavin O'Loghlen
Recorded, mixed & mastered by
Gavin O'Loghlen - assistant engineer Caithlin O'Loghlen

Tracks 3 5 8 & 12 recorded at Revolver Arcade, Melbourne
Produced & engineered by Josh Roydhouse & Kye Thomas
Track 12 mastered @ The Mastering Lab

All music and words written by Kerri Lee © Kerri Lee 2004

Artwork by Jesse Lee
Photograph by Glenda Farrer

Thanks to Sianna, for rekindling my love of songwriting,
Jesse, for all your help and support,
Jem and Jake, Peter, all my family and friends, especially Thomas and Jamie for encouragement and Glenda, for being so special.
To all the musicians who
contributed to this album.
Thanks to Gaetano at Montebello and Anne, Caithlin and Gavin at Locrian

Kerri Lee



Machines in Merlin's way
Cricket Song
Inis Aelga
Mab Dreams
Beggar at the Back Door
Christ in a Waterfall
Folk Song
Raven Dance


Audio Tracks

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Quicktime format 22k, 8 bit, mono

The actual CD sound quality is vastly superior to these samples

CDs are 44.1k, 20 bit, stereo

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 1. Llywelyn

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 6. Cuchulainn

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 7. Mab Dreams

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