Mab Dreams ~ Kerri Lee

Oh no, I thought, not another new age ambient album when 'Mab Dreams' by Kerri Lee landed on my desk. Upon playing it, my fears were immediately put to rest and I became grossly ensconced in the album.
From the beginning, Llwelyn, I just loved the feel; whilst elements of Capercaillie and Clannad are definitely present, this is very much an Australian Artist's work and should be recognised as such.
The tracks all tell a variety of tales, some old, some new, some reborn but the music enhances all of these whilst entrancing the listener. Wherelse can one find 12 string acoustic guitar work, brilliant hammond playing, C whistles, harp, rhodes piano, violin, pipes and mandolin to name but a few? On top of all of this one finds everything blended together with some
outstanding vocals.
For those of you who like new acoustica, neo-celtic music with references
to Steeleye Span (Maddy Prior)and touches of older Jethro Tull works, this
is THE album for you. Kerri Lee deserves her place amongst Australia's great
singer/songwriters and can be forgiven, in her album notes, for describing
Mona as an Island off the west coast of Britain; I feel that the Welsh might
have preferred it to be recognised as being off the North Coast of Sir Carnarfon,
with its Anglicised name being Anglesey.

Tony Bates
3WBC 94.1 FM


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